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Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment has never been more crucial. Employers must use essential cleaning products and take steps to protect the health and well-being of staff, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is equally important to maintain a clean and hygienic environment at home. Regular use of high-quality essential cleaning products will help you create a safe and healthy living environment for your family and reduce the risk of infection or illness.

At Ultima, we want to help individuals and businesses stay safe during the pandemic (and after) by making it easy to buy specialist decontamination products and general cleaning products online.

Why choose Ultima?

At Ultima, we have more than 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry. We offer a wide selection of essential cleaning products and equipment to meet your sanitation and hygiene requirements. In our shop, you can find everything from blue paper roll to heavy duty cleaner. These products are essential for efficient factory cleaning and general office cleaning.

Our general cleaning products are sourced from leading suppliers who utilise the latest sanitising technology. We only sell the best cleaning products that have been tested for their quality and effectiveness.

When you choose Ultima, you can have peace of mind knowing that the cleaning products you use will provide lasting protection against common bacteria and viruses including Covid-19.

General cleaning products online

In our shop, you can find everything from blue paper roll to heavy duty cleaner. These products are essential for efficient factory cleaning and general office cleaning.

Here are some popular general cleaning products that you can find in our store:

Ultima Scum Off

Scum off

Scum Off provides an effective way to remove stubborn scum, limescale, uric acid build-up and body fats from various hard surfaces including vitreous enamel and tile.

Scum Off will descale, disinfect and deodorise sanitary appliances, tiled floors and walls, swimming pool surrounds and saunas.

Blue roll

Blue roll

Blue roll is an essential cleaning product in both domestic and commercial environments. Our blue roll comes in a case of six and offers a cheap and effective disposable paper towel for cleaning all types of surfaces.

Bad Odour Block

Bad odour block

Bad odour block features a clever design that acts as a powerful odour magnet. The innovative block absorbs odours from the air and neutralises them to leave a light and pleasant fragrance.

You can leave an odour block safely out of reach in reception rooms, bedrooms, or bathrooms to eliminate bad odours and add freshness.

Our bad odour block features a concentrated ingredient that keeps the product fresh in its sealed package. The block is easy to use as the odour counter-agent is automatically released once you open the package. You can decide whether to release a little or a lot of the fragrance depending on how far you open the packet.

Tiger Bags

Tiger waste bags

Our tiger waste bags are tested to the highest standards in UKAS approved laboratories and fully comply with Carriage of Dangerous Goods regulations.

They have a large capacity of 60L and are renowned as being the toughest, most rip-resistant waste bins on the market.

The tiger waste bins are designed specifically to hold soft materials and feature a star-weld base to protect against rips and leaks. You should not store sharps or liquid in a tiger waste bag.

Refuse Bin

Refuse bin (45 litre)

Our sturdy refuse bin features a pedal-operated lid and is designed to keep waste safe and secure until it is collected.

The bin is designed in a modern grey colour and features a 45l capacity, making it ideal for residential or business use. The specifications are: height 60cm, depth 30cm, width 35cm.

Heavy Duty Cleaner

Heavy duty cleaner

Our heavy duty 5l cleaner has been specially formulated to remove grease, nicotine and heavy soiling. This powerful cleaner will dissolve and emulsify tough dirt and can even remove old floor polish.

Specialist cleaning equipment

At Ultima, we also offer more specialised cleaning equipment such as ozone generators. These are used to reduce mould, odours, and bacteria in areas affected by floods or fires. Our Chemspec Smoke-Solve chemical sponges can also be used in fire restoration to remove smoke residue from dry surfaces.

Need help finding the right products?

If you would like expert advice on purchasing cleaning supplies for your facility, then get in touch. We’re always happy to help! You can also browse our range of general cleaning products above and make a quick purchase online.

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