Specialist cleaning products

At Ultima, we offer a wide selection of specialist cleaning products and equipment to help you maintain a safe and hygienic environment. This includes state-of-the-art Hurricane™ fogging machines designed to be used in both residential and industrial areas.

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About our fogging machines

Our fogging machines are the ideal specialist cleaning product to spray disinfectants efficiently and safely in residential and commercial environments. A fogging machine can provide protection against many common diseases and viruses including COVID-19. Rooms can be treated quickly and efficiently, leaving them sanitised and safe to use.

Fogging machines can also be used to spray other solutions including insecticides, deodorisers, water, germicides, and poultry vaccines. This makes them useful in many different applications and markets.

Hurricane™ Fogging machines

We offer two types of fogging machines. Our popular Hurricane Ultra II fogger and our new Hurricane ES™ fogger that features electrostatic technology for more efficient spraying. 

Cleaner in hazmat suit using fogging machine

Ultima specialist cleaning products

At Ultima, we sell a broad selection of specialist cleaning products to meet your sanitation needs. All of our products are designed using the latest sanitisation technology to help you maintain a hygienic and risk-free environment. Here are some of the specialist cleaning products that we offer:

  • Byotrol 4 in 1 – This innovative disinfectant offers 24-hour protection from 99.99% of known bacteria and viruses.
  • Luminol cleaner – Special formula designed to safely remove forensic enhancement chemicals such as Luminol.
  • Hygiene monitoring systems – Our ATP hygiene monitoring device allows you to swab and test hygiene standards without the need for lab testing.
  • Coverall suits – Our high-quality coverall suits offer complete protection and are ideal for trauma and cross-contamination work.