Biohazard cleaning equipment

Employers have a legal responsibility to protect their employees and visitors against the risk of exposure and infection. If your facility handles biohazardous waste like medical needles or bodily fluids, then you must invest in biohazard cleaning products along with biohazard cleaning supplies and follow health and safety guidelines to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Specialist biohazard cleaning equipment

At Ultima, we have over 20 years of experience providing specialist decontamination services, sanitation products, and professional training. We offer a comprehensive range of biohazard cleaning equipment to help mitigate against the risk of cross-contamination.

This includes everything from protective coverall suits to biohazard tape. We also offer more specialised biohazard cleaning products such as sharps disposal and ATP hygiene monitoring devices.

As one of the UK’s leading cleaning equipment suppliers, you can have confidence that we have the knowledge and expertise to help you maintain a safe and legally compliant environment. Browse our collection of biohazard cleaning supplies above and get in touch if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help!

Hypodermic needles

When is biohazard cleaning equipment required?

Specialist cleaning equipment is required in any workplace that handles biohazards such as human bodily fluids or sharps waste. It may also be required in low-risk workplaces e.g. if an employee has an accident and cuts themself. Here are some examples of environments that require biohazard cleaning equipment:

Biohazard cleaning equipment for all businesses

All workplaces – even those that are considered low-risk – can benefit from investing in basic biohazard cleaning equipment. Every business is at risk of biohazards from human bodily fluids like blood or vomit. You must have the tools and equipment to clean up biohazard spillages efficiently and safely. For instance, our biohazard tape can be used to cordon off affected areas and protect employees and visitors from the risk of exposure and infection.

Biohazard cleaning equipment for high-risk environments

A workplace is considered high-risk if it deals with biohazrds such as animal waste, human bodily fluids, or pathological waste. If your facility handles biohazards, then you must invest in specialist biohazard cleaning equipment to protect your employees. For example, doctors surgeries should have secure, puncture-proof clinical waste containers to store used sharps.

Biohazard cleaning equipment for professional cleaning

High-risk environments such as crime scenes require professional deep sanitisation using specialist biohazard cleaning equipment. Exposure to biohazards puts people at risk of serious infections like Hepatitis B and HIV. This is why quick and effective decontamination cleaning is essential. Our specialist biohazard cleaning equipment will ensure that the contaminated area is thoroughly disinfected and any biohazardous waste is removed in line with government safety regulations.