The Ultima Cleaning Academy team is pleased to announce that we have just launched our new interactive training environment designed to engage students in meaningful, real-life teaching experiences. Our new training hub gives students the chance to put what they’ve learned into practice, while under the expert eyes of our professional training team

What scenarios are offered in the training hub?

The hub features three realistic crime scene scenarios that provide students with first-hand experience of trauma scene cleaning. It’s the closest you can get to the real thing!
  • The Kitchen – Set up to show students what they might come across when attending a crime scene in a kitchen. Students will operate a full needle sweep scenario to put what they have learnt in the classroom to practice.
  • The Bedroom – Students will have the opportunity to tackle the issue of body fluids on mattresses and other bedroom furnishings. They gain practical hands-on experience of how to deal with this scenario safely and effectively.
  • The Living Room – This scenario teaches students how to handle common crime scene situations involving needles, medication and bodily fluids.
Training lab bedroom scene

Is anything else taught in the hub?

Students will have the opportunity to complete an outdoor needle sweep (while wearing appropriate PPE) and learn the procedure for collecting and disposing of needles. Our professional trainer Tony Killick will also demonstrate correct floor cutting techniques and teach students how to check if bodily fluids have contaminated subflooring.

What do students think of the training environment?

Previous students have said that the hub provided them with valuable hands-on experience that was a huge benefit to them once they completed the course. The hub gives students a first-hand experience of the crime scene industry and teaches them what to expect when working as a professional trauma cleaner. Students can put theory into practice and learn the correct methods and techniques needed to work in this specialist field. They will gain a realistic understanding of crime scene cleanup, ensuring they are prepared to work confidently and safely in a trauma cleaning role.
Training lab living area scene

Where is the training hub?

The training hub is conveniently located on-site which means students can walk from the classroom straight to the hub for their practical sessions. There’s no need to commute or travel to a different site.
Biohazard Cleaning Training

Get in touch to find out more about our specialist training

Get in touch with our team if you have any questions about the hub or want to find out more about any of our specialist training courses. We are always happy to help!