Bad Odour Block

Bad Odour Block


The clever wick action of the Bad Odour Block effectively acts as an odour magnet, absorbing odours from the air and neutralising them to leave a light fragrance.  Set safely out of reach they will add freshness to reception areas or nursing home bedrooms.

The concentrated ingredient of these professional odour counter-agent wafers will stay fresh in their hermetically sealed packages. Use is simple and easy as the odour counter-agent is released upon opening the package, so you can choose whether it releases a little or a lot depending on how far you open the package.

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Bad Odour Blocks are hermetically sealed odour counteractant wafers. Opening the package releases the deodorising odour counteractant.
Strategically place in a small room or closet, furnace plenum or duct system, the car or wherever a fresher environment is desirable. Attach to the intake of a carpet dryer to control wet carpet odour during the drying process. See label for additional instructions.

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