HexArmor™ Gloves

HexArmor™ Gloves

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Hexarmor NSR3041® Needlestick Resistant Gloves are heavy duty safety gloves that offer superior hand protection when handling sharp objects like wires, glass, and metal.

The Hexarmor safety gloves feature a full-coverage design that offers comfort and complete impact protection for your fingers, hands, and wrists. These needle resistant gloves will protect your employees’ hands and fingers from metal, glass, and other hazardous materials.

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Product summary

Hexarmor needlestick resistant gloves are heavy duty safety gloves that can be used when handling sharps, wires, metals, woods, and glass. These needle proof gloves are constructed from water resistant materials for added comfort.

Quality hand protection is essential for people who come into contact with sharps and hazardous materials e.g. law enforcement officers and trauma cleaners.

Full coverage safety gloves

Hexarmor cut resistant gloves have a full coverage design which means these safety gloves offer comfort and complete protection for your fingers, hands, and wrists.

Cut resistance design

Hexarmor gloves provide the highest blade cut resistance on the market.

These hexarmor needle stick gloves feature a specialised silicon gripping surface on the palm for optimal grip capabilities and are made from a durable yet lightweight material.

Why choose Hexarmor?

Hexarmor is a leading ISO-certified supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE). They utilise the latest cutting-edge technology to create innovative products that offer the highest standards of protection.

You can buy hexarmor gloves in the Ultima online store and have the item delivered directly to your home or business premises.

Are Hexarmor gloves needle proof?

Hexarmor impact resistant gloves are tested to the highest industry standards and are considered one of the best work gloves when handling sharps like metal or glass.

The hexarmor cut resistant safety glove is tested for needle stick resistance using a 25 gauge hypodermic needle, ensuring ultimate protection against sharps.

Where to buy Hexarmor gloves?

You can find Hexarmor gloves for sale in the Ultima store. If you have already purchased a pair, please leave a hexarmor gloves review - we would love to hear your feedback.

The Ultima store stocks a wide variety of specialist sanitising products including fogger machines, PPE suits, protective coveralls, and many other professional PPE supplies.


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