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How PH Level affects cleaning products

Have you ever given thought to the pH levels of your commercial cleaning solutions? The pH level of sanitising products can help you pick the most suitable cleaning product for the job. Using the wrong cleaning chemicals in the commercial cleaning industry can cause thousands of pounds of damage and create a serious health risk.

PH levels play an important role in the effectiveness of cleaning products like surface cleaners, antiviral disinfectants, and industrial floor cleaners. However, understanding the pH level of your cleaning solutions is only half of the job. You must also know the pH level of the soil you are trying to clean so that you can use the opposite pH level.

We’ve written this article to give you a basic understanding of how pH level affects cleaning products, and how mastering this can benefit your commercial cleaning services.

What is the pH scale?

The pH scale gives liquids a rating of 0 to 14 depending on how acidic/basic the solution is.

Substances with a rating of 0-6 are considered acidic and those with a rating of 8-14 are basic (alkaline). Water is a neutral liquid and has a pH level of 7. Lemon juice and vinegar are examples of acidic substances, while laundry detergent is alkaline.

The pH scale

How does pH affect cleaning products?

As a general rule, acidic cleaning chemicals are most effective at eliminating rust, calcium, and minerals. Whereas, alkaline cleaning solutions are better at removing grease, oil, and other organic materials.

Knowing the pH level of different pro clean products can be extremely useful in commercial cleaning. Below, are examples of common cleaning items and their pH levels:

Bleach (pH level 11 to 13)

Chlorine bleach is one of the most alkaline cleaning products available. It is a powerful and effective antiviral disinfectant that removes bacteria, fungus, and viruses from surfaces.

Bleach is highly corrosive and must be used with caution. According to health and safety guidelines, you should always wear protective gloves when handling bleach and ensure that there is good ventilation.

Bleach should never be mixed with other cleaning chemicals as it can react and create toxic fumes.

Dish soap (pH level 7 to 8)

Mild dish soap is a neutral cleaning product and has the closest pH level to water. This makes it safe to use for everyday cleaning, although it won’t be effective for tough cleaning tasks or as a disinfectant for coronavirus, for example.

Toilet cleaner (pH level 1 to 3)

Toilet cleaner is a highly acidic cleaning product that can be used to eliminate minerals and other non-organic materials. As with bleach, toilet cleaners must be used with caution and proper ventilation is needed, along with suitable protective equipment e.g. gloves.

How do i choose the right pH?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the most suitable cleaning solutions based on pH level. Many commercial cleaning products are alkaline, as most soils and bacteria are eliminated most effectively with alkaline cleaning solutions. This includes cleaning items like floor cleaning products and surface cleaner.

You also need to consider the surface where you are applying the cleaning product. Sanitising solutions that are highly acidic or alkaline will typically damage fibres and dyes found in soft surfaces like carpets and furniture.

Always read the label on the back of commercial cleaning products to check what surfaces they can be used on.

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Can I alter the pH level of cleaning solutions?

It is possible to alter the pH level of cleaning chemicals by adding solutions at the opposite end of the pH scale. For instance, a mildly acidic solution can be added to neutralise an alkaline substance. However, this will be counterproductive if you don’t know the pH level of the cleaning product you are using.

Altering the pH level of industrial cleaning supplies can render the cleaning product ineffective, so it’s best to speak to professional cleaning suppliers if you’re unsure which cleaning solutions you should use based on pH level.

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