Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as PPE, is equipment worn to reduce exposure to hazards with the potential to cause injuries and illnesses. Common workplace hazards include chemicals, electricity, and extreme temperatures.

PPE protects users against health and safety risks in the workplace, but it is only effective when used correctly. Failing to use PPE cleaning products properly can have serious consequences and using PPE that is not correctly maintained can become faulty and useless.

Here are some essential PPE safety tips to help cleaners stay safe in the workplace:

Do a PPE risk assessment

A Health and Safety Risk Assessment is a crucial document that will tell you what PPE equipment you need for your cleaning activity. You must use the “right” PPE cleaning products for your activity and environment. For instance, gloves and coveralls are required for most cleaning tasks, although full-body protection may be required for high-risk jobs such as biohazard cleaning.

You should conduct a PPE risk assessment to identify the hazards of a particular cleaning task and determine what PPE is required. A PPE risk assessment should be carried out initially, when cleaning tasks or workplace conditions change, or when PPE is deemed ineffective.

A risk assessment form

Keep a steady supply of PPE

You must have PPE readily available for your cleaning staff. Order a steady supply of PPE cleaning equipment from a reputable supplier so that you don’t risk facing a shortage or running out of essential PPE.

At Ultima, we stock a wide range of PPE – from safety visors to protective coveralls. Visit the Ultima store to view our range of PPE cleaning products. You can also read our recent blog: ‘What is PPE and why do we use it?’ for more PPE advice and information.

Follow the advice on PPE cleaning products

You must always follow the PPE advice on the labels of PPE cleaning products. For example, Hexamor needlestick resistant gloves state that they can be used when handling sharps, wires, metals, woods, and glass. You may need to purchase alternative safety gloves if your cleaning staff are going to come into contact with heat or strong chemicals.

Many PPE cleaning products will also provide PPE safety tips such as how to store PPE items and keep them in good condition. Always follow the PPE instructions on products and speak to your supplier if you would like extra PPE advice and guidance.

Provide PPE advice and training

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 state: “Employers should provide appropriate PPE and training in its usage to their employees wherever there is a risk to health and safety.”

You should organise regular PPE training sessions and provide your cleaning staff with PPE advice and PPE safety tips to help them stay safe in the workplace. Make sure that everyone on your cleaning team understands the importance of wearing PPE properly and check that the appropriate PPE is being used.

Choose the right PPE for the job

A common mistake that cleaners make is using the same PPE for every cleaning job. In most cases, different PPE cleaning products are needed for different activities to ensure optimal protection and avoid cross-contamination.

For instance, you should colour code safety gloves so your cleaners know which ones can be used in a bathroom and which ones they should use when cleaning a kitchen or other areas.

Two people wearing PPE with a question mark between them
Carefully plan which PPE you will use

Store PPE cleaning products correctly

PPE must be properly looked after and stored when not in use as it can become damaged and useless if it is not maintained correctly. Read PPE instructions on the packaging carefully and follow the recommended storage advice.

General PPE maintenance advice is that PPE cleaning products should be stored in a clean and dry place, where they can be easily accessed. You must also make sure that PPE is not exposed to potentially damaging conditions such as extreme heat. Keep your PPE storage area clean and organised and make sure that everything is kept in the right place.

Purchase quality PPE cleaning products

PPE is an essential health and safety equipment and you should always purchase quality-assured PPE cleaning products from a reputable supplier. Investing in quality PPE will encourage your cleaning staff to wear protective clothing and follow your workplace health and safety protocols.

You can find a wide range of PPE cleaning products in the Ultima Store or get in touch if you would like more PPE advice and PPE cleaning tips.


PPE protects cleaners from common workplace hazards like strong cleaning chemicals, mould, and grime. PPE can protect your cleaning team and minimise the risk of injuries, but only when it is used correctly. Always read PPE instructions carefully and follow these PPE safety tips to keep your cleaning team safe in the workplace.