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Our product range is constantly being updated with new and innovative sanitising products and cleaning solutions. In our shop, you can buy cleaning supplies online that are suitable for both domestic and commercial cleaning. We stock everything from general cleaning products to specialist sanitation technology and chemical cleaning products.

We also offer a wide collection of PPE to safeguard the health and wellbeing of your employees and visitors. You can find everything from cut resistance gloves to respirator masks and much, much more.

Innovative cleaning products

We listen to your feedback and constantly adapt our products to meet your sanitation requirements. We know that COVID-19 safety is a priority at the moment, so we have added an extended range of innovative cleaning supplies to help you create a COVID-secure environment.

Our store allows you to buy professional cleaning products online like hand sanitiser, face masks, social distancing stickers, cleaning chemicals and hygiene monitoring systems.

Ultima is responding to the current global pandemic by supplying innovative, professional cleaning and safety solutions to businesses across the UK.

Buy cleaning products online

Our online store offers a wide range of professional cleaning products and safety equipment. You can buy cleaning supplies online conveniently and have them delivered directly to your home or business facility.

Browse our extensive range of cleaning supplies and feel free to give us a shout if you have any questions about our products. We stock a huge selection of cleaning supplies in the UK from leading sanitisation brands including Byotrol and Hexarmor.

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We understand that remaining up to date with the latest health and safety legislation can be daunting.

As an Ultima customer, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge and expertise of all things safety and cleaning related. Get in touch with our team for expert advice on the most appropriate commercial cleaning supplies for your facility.

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